Alpha Genomix Laboratory is a CLIA-certified Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory performing clinical genetic testing. Our high complexity laboratory offers the complete spectrum of diagnostic services and delivers critical patient testing to physicians nationwide. Our state of the art laboratory along with proven Pharmacogenetic testing methodology improves prediction of the best medication for patients, by collecting and integrating diverse data & information on individual’s genetics basis.

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Pharmacogenomics is the field of research on how a person’s genetic makeup affects that individual’s response to medications and drugs. The result of such research aims to develop a comprehensive strategy to optimize drug therapies that targets one particular individual. Data with respect to . . . Read More

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Advances in understanding of genetic information and progress in Pharmacogenomics science have led to several innovative discoveries that have brought a new era for personalized medicine. These discoveries have drastically changed physicians approach to drug therapy with improved care through utilization of precision & personalized medicine . . . Read More

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Our extensive Pharmacogenetic panel identifies patients’ genetic & metabolic profiles when a physician chooses drug therapy options for a patient. This extensive personalized medicine panel uses specific biomarkers. We offer a through Cardiac Panel to access Thrombophilia Risk and response to various cardiac . . . Read More